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About The Conference

MECHEDU was established within the framework of IPA cross-border program with the aim of promoting activities in various areas of mechatronics by providing a forum for exchange of ideas, presentation of technical achievements and discussion of future directions.

Previous MECHEDU conferences have drawn much attention and positive feedback from the participants. Therefore, Subotica Tech – College of Applied Sciences is organizing this Conference for the fourth time in partnership with the Faculty of Technical Sciences – Novi Sad, the Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering – Budapest, and the Faculty of Engineering – Szeged, and with a strong support of industry representatives from the area. This year also we are expanding the Conference to include a workshop that will highlight the significance of mechatronic structures in practice, presented by some of our cooperating partners from the industry.

We are confident that the MECHEDU 2017 Conference and Workshop will bring together an international community of experts from the wider region to discuss the latest research results, state-of-the-art technology, perspectives of future developments, and innovative applications relevant to mechatronics.

Topics of Interest
(including, but not limited to)

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Control Management
  • Didactic Equipment for Mechatronics
  • Education in Mechatronics Engineering
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Industry Applications
  • Information Technology
  • Intelligent Control
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Machine Vision
  • Management in Mechatronics
  • Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
  • Modeling and Design
  • Robotics and Mobile Platforms
  • Safety in Mechatronics
  • Sensors and Actuators and Networks


  • Igor Fürstner, Serbia
  • László Gogolák, Serbia

Scientific Committee

  • Zoran Anišić, Serbia
  • Mircea Bara, Romania
  • István Bíró, Hungary
  • Branislav Borovac, Serbia
  • Ilija Ćosić, Serbia
  • Zlatko Čović, Serbia
  • Dalibor Dobrilović, Serbia
  • Hironori Fuji, Japan
  • Stevan Fürstner, Serbia
  • Igor Fürstner, Serbia
  • László Gogolák, Serbia
  • Niko Herakovič, Slovenia
  • Željko Ivandić, Croatia
  • Vukica Jovanović, USA
  • Imre Kiss, Romania
  • Dražan Kozak, Croatia
  • Siniša Kuzmanović, Serbia
  • Zoran Kunica, Croatia
  • Darko Knežević, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tihomir Latinović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Sanja Maravić Čisar, Serbia
  • Goran Martinović, Croatia
  • Gyula Mester, Hungary
  • Péter Odry, Serbia 
  • Gordana Ostojić, Serbia
  • Alin Plesa, Romania
  • Szilveszter Pletl, Serbia
  • Božidar Popović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Zoltán Rajnai, Hungary
  • Mario Rodrigues, Portugal
  • Imre Rudas, Hungary
  • József Sárosi, Hungary
  • Ivana Šenk, Serbia
  • János Simon, Serbia
  • Dragan Šešlija, Serbia
  • Dan Stan, Romania
  • Mihály Stampfer, Serbia
  • Stevan Stankovski, Serbia
  • Róbert Sánta, Serbia
  • László Tarján, Serbia
  • Emil Teutan, Romania
  • István Vajda, Hungary
  • Xiaoshuan Zhang, China
  • Drago Žagar, Croatia

 Organizing Committee

  • Sanja Maravić Čisar, Serbia
  • Zlatko Čović, Serbia
  • Atila Nađ, Serbia 
  • József Sárosi, Hungary
  • János Simon, Serbia
  • Lívia Szedmina, Serbia 

Conference Venue

Subotica, Serbia

Organizing Institution

Subotica Tech – College of Applied Sciences, Subotica, Serbia