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Proceedings 2017

Mechedu 2017 Preface

  1. István Nagy – Advanced Mechatronics Education Concept Design at Bánki Faculty of Óbuda University
  2. Zoltan Gobor – Finding the convex or non-convex hull of a random number of vertices – simple task?
  3. Attila Trohak and David Kiss – Development of a go-kart based autonomous vehicle
  4. Dijana Karuovic, Dusanka Milanov, Dragica Radosav and Stanoje Ivanović – Site Administration Using Bootstrap
  5. Laszlo Schaffer, Szilveszter Pletl and Zoltan Kincses – Implementation of an FPGA-based actual observer for active suspension control
  6. Ferenc Farkas and Tamas Molnar – The changing of the landfill gas’quality parameters in the function of applied depression
  7. Peter Sarcevic, Szilveszter Pletl and Zoltan Kincses – Examining the number of required stationary orientations for efficient accelerometer calibration
  8. Dražan Kozak, Zoran Vrhovski and Goran Benkek – Automated Warehouse: Student Project within Courses Mechanisms and Microcomputers at the Technical College in Bjelovar
  9. Róbert Sánta and Igor Fürstner – Comparison of two heat-pump systems -with and without an internal exchanger
  10. Aleksandar Poznić and Boris Stojić – Novel magnetorheological brakes` simulation
  11. Miklós Póth – Comparison of spatial and frequency domain image compression methods
  12. László Gogolák and Igor Fuerstner – Improvement proposals in student projects for prototype technical documentation
  13. Laslo Tarjan, Ivana Senk, Branislav Tejic, Dragana Oros and Igor Baranovski – Simulation of Hall sensor based localization in a production process
  14. Janos Simon, Zlatko Čović and Imre Petkovics – Industrie 4.0 Based Customized Mass Production Overview
  15. Szabolcs Földi and Attila Trohák – Energy Efficiency In Continuous Technology
  16. Attila Trohák, Róbert Simon and Zsófia Forgács – Development of Facility Monitoring System in the Contest of Supervisor Control
  17. Eugen Cicvarić and Zoran Kunica – The Automation of the Painting Process
  18. Sandor Csikos, Szabolcs Balassa and Jozsef Sarosi – Fuzzy Control of an Antagonistic System Driven by Pneumatic Muscle Actuators
  19. Petar Cisar and Sanja Maravic Cisar – An overview of Android application security
  20. Attila Szenci, Szilveszter Fejes, Andrea Raffai and Róbert Pintér – Advanced technologies usage in energetics
  21. Dalibor Dobrilovic, Aleksandar Berar, Zeljko Stojanov, Nikola Petrov and Zlatko Covic – Building ESP8266 Wi-Fi module network based on open-source hardware and single-board computers
  22. Nenad Medić, Zoran Anisic and Saša Tešić – Survey of some Key Concepts of Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing Companies from Developing Country
  23. Zsófia Forgács and Attila Trohák – Preparation of a Machine Vision System’s Environment for an Automotive Manufacturing Technology Research
  24. Sergiu-Dan Stan, Alin Plesa, Emil Teutan and Mircea Bara – Control and Testing of a New Soft Pneumatic Gripper with Optimised Design for Soft Robotics